CDL Truck School creates a one-on-one driving instruction enviroment for those seeking a class A, B, or Bus* License.

Licensed in 1995, C.D.L. Truck School Inc. offers personal truck driving training & comprehensive professional tractor-trailer driver training in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

*applicant must provide bus for bus license training.

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Our Mission

To create a one-on-one driving instruction environment for those seeking a class A, B or Bus License. CDL Truck School Inc. provides a high quality, comprehensive professional tractor-trailer driving course.

Your training is important to us. We believe you learn to drive by driving. We value our students, their training, and their safety unlike many other driving schools, our training program offers one-on-one driver training. You will not find groups of students crowded into a single truck.

What we specialize in

ELDT Theory

Skills Training

Road Test

Types of Vehicles

Tractor Trailer  |  Straight Truck  |  Manual & Automatic Transmissions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does all of this cost?
– ELDT Theory – $125.00
– Pre Trip Inspection Class – $125.00 (pay once, attend as many times as needed at no additional cost, Veterans attend for free)
– Behind the wheel training – $125.00 per hour in 2 hour blocks
– Proficiency Evaluation – $125.00
– Driving test 1st attempt – $300 (retest fee based on parts failed)
– 7 Day driving course – $2500.00
What if I have an out of state license/permit?
No problem, as long as your state accepts Arizona scores we can train/test you.
How old do I have to be to get a CDL?
18 years old to drive in Arizona only, 21 to drive nationwide.
Do I have to have a US drivers license to get a CDL?
Yes, you have to hold a US class D license for 12 months to get a CDL.
Do I have to pay each time for my test?
Yes, the fee is for the attempt at the driving test, if you fail there is a retest fee.
How does pre trip work?
Once you pay for pre trip, you can go through the class as many times as you need to. The pre trip is the hardest part of the test, if you don’t pass it, the test stops and there is a fee to retest.
How can I pay?
We take company credit card, company check, or cash. We can also bill companies that are on our approved list.
What if I don’t have my application?
You will have to go back to the MVD and get it, we cannot test you without it.
What if my permit is close to expiring?
We will recommend that you go to get a new permit if you are close to expiration because if your permit expires before you finish the test in its entirety you will have to start all over.
What if my permit expires?
You will have to go back to the MVD and retake the written exam, Arizona issues 12 month permits, so they do not give permit extensions anymore.
Why can’t I get an exact test time?
We do not give test times, because if someone does not show up we will move you up in the day. We have everyone going thru pre trip arrive at 7 am, and if you are not attending pre trip that day we have you arrive at 9am.
What is a proficiency Evaluation?
According to the Federal Law you have to prove that you are proficient and all of the skills included in the CDL test. If you have received training from another entity we will have you prove to our trainers that you are proficient at the required skills. This is not a training appointment this is you showing us that you know what you are doing to be safe on the road.
What if I am not proficient after my evaluation?
Your professional trainer will tell you that your skills are not up to par. We will schedule you training with one of our trainers to get you to a proficient level.
What license do I need?

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